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A low investment startup is a new business you can start without needing a lot of money.

Team building is about getting people to work well together, often through activities that improve trust and communication.

A startup is a new company that’s trying to grow quickly by offering something new or better.

Agile planning is a flexible way to manage projects by breaking them into small, manageable parts and adjusting as you go.

Design Thinking is a creative way to solve problems by understanding users’ needs and testing ideas quickly.

Lean thinking is about making things better by cutting waste and improving processes to be more efficient.

Local marketing targets people in a specific area, like promoting a store or event in your neighborhood.

Network strategy involves building and using connections with people and organizations to grow your business or reach your goals.

Some More Important Questions

It will take approximately 2-3 months easily if you want to learn and practically implement all the techniques in your statup. Remember, it’s not only the theory there is a practical concept which is more important to accomplish!

You can easily access this course once you pay for the course. As soon as the payment is done you will be redirected to the page with your login id and password where you can access the course for lifetime! Enjoy!

Yes, you will receive a certificate after you complete the course.

Navigate to the page and you can register for the course. Once the payment is done you’re good to go!

Yes! Definitely! That’s why we have developed this course you can start your startup in no time with practical lessons! 

Yes there will be hindi voiceoversas well as english voiceovrs on our videos! No worries!

You can contact us through the support section or with the contact page!

There are 20+ lectures available!

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