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Our Story

LIST was born from a simple desire: to empower individuals to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams with confidence and support. 

We understand the initial hesitation and fear that can hold aspiring business owners back. 

LIST was established to be a guiding light, dispelling uncertainty and fostering a space where dreams can take flight.


About Us

It all began with a burning desire. Sitting at my kitchen table, the dream of starting my own company wasn’t just an aspiration, it was a beacon guiding me through uncertainty. But amidst the fear, a spark ignited an idea: what if no entrepreneur ever felt this lost again? LIST, from that very moment, began to take root.

The path to LIST wasn’t paved with ease. The initial hesitation to take the entrepreneurial leap, the daunting task of building from scratch – I knew the paralysis of fear that gripped aspiring business owners. That’s why LIST became more than just a business; it became my mission to empower those hesitant dreamers.

In the beginning, LIST was a one-person operation – a laptop, a tiny office, and a heart brimming with determination. Free workshops and mentorship programs became the cornerstone of our mission – to educate, support, and ignite the entrepreneurial spirit. Every story that walked through our doors held a unique spark of hope, a yearning for change. We celebrated every milestone, big or small, and offered unwavering support during the inevitable challenges.

As word spread, LIST blossomed into a vibrant community. Neha, once hesitant to launch her own project, discovered her passion for web design through our workshops and now runs her thriving design firm. Michael, with a dream of a community café, found the courage to overcome his fear and, with LIST backing, opened a space that radiates warmth and connection.

These inspiring stories, and countless others, are the fuel that keeps us going. LIST has become more than I ever envisioned. It’s a nurturing ground for entrepreneurial dreams, a place where potential flourishes, and a reminder that the journey of building a business is never a solitary one.

Looking back, LIST isn’t just my story; it’s a collective narrative of dreamers who dared to take the first step. It’s a testament to the transformative power of empathy, support, and believing in one another’s potential. As we forge ahead on this journey, one dream at a time, we’re not just building businesses, we’re building futures.

Crack the code of Entrepreneurship  and develop a winning mindset.

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